Getting Results for the 43rd Ward


jacob ringerThis winter, we've seen a spike in crime throughout the 43rd ward; vacant storefronts depressing the local economy and hindering growth; and out of control City finances with a city council using taxpayers like an ATM. 


What's worse? I don’t see anyone in office doing anything to fix these problems.


I’m tired of the current state of inaction and I know residents are, too.


Most of us chose this neighborhood because of the quality way of life; we should feel safe walking our beautiful streets. We should be shopping at thriving local business and top-rated restaurants in our storefronts. And we should have predictable reasonable taxes.


It’s time the 43rd Ward has an alderman who is proactive about crime prevention so our families can be safe.

It’s time the 43rd Ward has an alderman who looks for alternative revenue BEFORE property taxes.

It’s time the 43rd Ward has an alderman who will cut through red tape to help small businesses fill vacant storefronts.


This is why I’m running to be your next alderman.



I’m calling for -- and will make a top priority when elected -- putting more beat officers on the streets of the 43rd ward and working alongside CPD to ensure the proper resources are available to keep us safe. Our officers should not just be in cars, but also walking a beat to maintain a strong presence and make criminals think twice before robbing or assaulting the next random person.


Economic Development:

I will go out and promote our ward to bring businesses here and support existing ones. We’re surrounded by aldermen who are doing this already in Southport Corridor, Bucktown, and West Loop. The same red tape exists across the city but businesses in our ward don’t have the support to cut through it. We can cut-red tape on signs, awnings, outdoor permitting and other common-sense changes that remove barriers to new business.


City Finances:

I am the only candidate running anywhere in Chicago who has delivered revenue without increasing taxes, fines, and fees. My digital billboard project that I spearheaded as the Chief of Staff to the CFO of the City has brought in over $40 million and is a reliable revenue stream for the future, projected to bring in $200 over 20 years.


As alderman, I will continue to find alternative revenue sources like this first, instead of reaching into the pockets of property owners. My skills and experience will be invaluable in City Council to evaluate alternative revenue proposals.


I firmly believe that these goals can be achieved within the 43rd ward; however, it will take an alderman who will passionately advocate both within our ward and in City Hall


As your next alderman, you have my commitment that I will do everything in my power to accomplish these objectives and restore a safe environment and vibrant economy for you and your families in our ward.


If you would like to discuss these issues in the 43rd ward, or any others, please don't hesitate to contact me here.


Thank you,


Jacob Ringer

Candidate, 43rd Ward Alderman


Jacob Ringer Chicago 43rd ward alderman candidate