Aldermanic Candidate Jacob Ringer Interviewed by Sam Rahman


43rd Ward Aldermanic Debate - Lincoln Park High School (January 17, 2019)
Co-hosted by the Wrightwood Neighbors, Lincoln Central and Park West Community Associations.


43rd Ward Aldermanic Debate - Francis Parker School Auditorium (January 24, 2019)
Co-hosted by the MidNorth and Park West Community Associations


2019 Chicago Election Guide: Jacob Ringer


Where to vote in the 43rd Ward?

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Where has Ringer for Results cleared snow?

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Saturday, January 19th:

What are the Beats in 43rd Ward, and how many police are assigned there?

Chicago Inspector General: Sworn Officer Units Over Time


Do I qualify for Residental zone parking?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alderman's job?

The alderman is the Chicago City Council delegate who serves a four-year term to represent your neighborhood. The 43rd Ward is made up of approximately 55,000 people.

When should I call the alderman's office?

Aldermen can issue zoned parking permits and no parking signs for residential moves or events. They also are your first line of contact when it comes to maintaining the infrastructure of our neighborhoods and keeping our communities safe. Some example including street and traffic lights repair, rodent abatement, potholes, snow removal, garbage and recycling pick-up, managing city construction projects, and street closures.

What do alderman vote on?

All city ordinances (laws) that make up the Chicago municipal code. Additionally, they vote on the annual city budget for the City of Chicago and enterprise funds. They also introduce special resolutions honoring organizations, teams or individuals who have had a positive impact on our ward.

How is Chicago's government organized?

City of Chicago Organizational Chart source

How much does an alderman make?

Last year the alderman of the 43rd ward made: 108,552.00 source

What funds pay for ward projects and what is menu money?

With menu money, also known as the Capital Improvement Program, each ward receives approximately  $1.32 million. That money can be used for anything from: street or alley resurfacing, sidewalks, curbs, speed bumps, to traffic circles and greenways, bike lanes, street and traffic light insulation, and improvements to — or new — parks.  source

Why are there 50 alderman?

The number 50 dates back to the 1920s when it was decided it would be hard to balance the interests of different immigrant groups with less than 50 aldermen. source